Bloodmoons happens approximately every 1,000 years and is a special sign from Allaah that prophetic things are happening. The moon is passing so close to the earth that it moves through the red spectrum of  the sunlight bent around the earth and then appears dark red like blood. It is also called a “dark moon”, since the Hebrew for red and dark is basically the same.


Mankind had FIVE already and one is occurring now. Previous blood moons appeared during the times of:


1. Noah (Nuh AS) when he went into the ark.

2. Moses (Musa AS) when the plaques appearred in Egypt before he led the Israelites out to Mount Sinai.

3. Isaiah (Dhul-Qufl AS) when the Israelites where taken as captives to Babylon.

4. Jesus (Isa AS) when he was taken away to heaven during Pesach (Passover festival) and his half-brother, Judas Iscariot, died in his place.

5. Middle (or Dark) Ages. They thought it was the end of the world, but it was not to be until now.


This time around it predicts the start of the final age. Now Imam Mahdi RA, Anti-Christ (one-eyed Dayal) and Isa AS will come and have their time. Then the final reign of another 1,000 years from the Prince of Peace will come with a final blood moon starting the Last Day when Allaah will come to judge all creation before starting eternity.


How long after the blood moon will the prophecy be fulfilled? The prophet Daniel (Daneel AS) said twice “a times, a time and half a time”. This equals 3 and a half prophetic or moon years of 360 days. The first will end when the Dajjal stands at Masjidul Aqsa saying, “I am GOD”. The second when the Prince of Peace returns with Michael the Archangel (Mikhaeel) and the armies of heaven to save Allaah’s people from the Dajjal before his last reign. These two prophetic times will follow on each other to form the final prophetic seven years (or year week) proclaimed for the people of Allaah according to Daniel.


Are you ready for the immense drama of these Last Days? You better be as all three the end time leaders are waiting for the call of Allaah to go and fulfill their destinies!